Organic reagents have a wide range of applications in the discovery of medicaments, agrochemical research, flavors and fragrances, MRI diagnosis and analysis. Reactions often involve the use of air and moisture, sensitive solvents, pyrophoric and hazardous reagents. Our AcroSeal ™ packaging is a leading packaging method for the safe handling of these types of materials.

The Acros Organics portfolio offers a range of solutions for organic synthesis laboratories engaged in research and development at all levels, from basic research to the discovery and development of medicaments, including collaborations that do not fall within the traditional sphere of organic chemistry.

We can support your activity with solutions in:

• selection of starting materials

• increase yield

• large-scale support

AcroSeal ™ packaging system for dry solvents, organometallic compounds and sensitive to air and moisture, the reagents have the following characteristics:

• The next generation sept, which researches even the most aggressive solvent / reagent and allows multiple entry points

• Dial-style lid for a tight seal between the septum and the glass

Specifications for chemical synthesis:

• Pure – Basic specification, suitable for chemical synthesis and general laboratory work

• Extra pure – Extensive specifications for accurate chemical synthesis

• For ACS analysis – The specification conforms to the recommendations of the American Chemical Society

• Very dry – Very dry solvents with a water content of 50ppm or less at the time of manufacture, filter over 0.2pm PTFE, filter and deposit under inert gas

• Very dry over molecular sieves – Very dry solvents with a water content of 50 ppm or less at the time of manufacture deposited under inert gas and stored on the molecular sieve

• For spectroscopy – Solvents have very low absorption in the UV or IR spectrum and high purity For NMR – deuterium-labeled compounds and solvents for NMR spectroscopy

For the complete list of products, we invite you to download the catalog of laboratory reagents Acros Organics or to visit the webpage

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