About us

Interlab Austria is a young company dealing with the sale of chemicals, founded in 2012. We try to cover a wide range of products for various uses, such as: laboratory reagents for a wide use in performing laboratory analyzes, raw materials industrial and niche.

It is our responsibility to deliver high performance products that meet all quality requirements for our customers. This objective can be achieved by respecting our customers and by the seriousness with which we will treat each transaction separately. We want to be a reliable and competent partner for our business partners, in order to build a long-lasting mutual trust relationship. The key elements must be openness and trust, promptness and professionalism.

Our staff covers the requirements of our clients and are called to contribute permanently to the improvement of the cooperation with the clients. We aim to become your long-term reliable partner with whom you will be able to have the most fruitful collaborations.

Company philosophy

Being a young company, we can boast a permanent increase in sales volume from year to year, which helps us to increase our staff, the portfolio of suppliers and the niches we cover in the market.

Currently we are the main supplier of raw materials and chemicals used in the production of veterinary medicines in Romania. Recently we started the distribution of the products presented above on the territory of Bulgaria.

With us you will be able to find the most competitive prices for the reagents used for the HPLC type analyzes on the Romanian territory, with permanent stocks which will ensure prompt deliveries.

The next step in our philosophy is to outsource the client portfolio, we are already active on the territory of Bulgaria and Austria with the potential to expand on the market in Egypt, Jordan, the Republic of Moldova and Hungary.

ISO Certificates

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